The Rehabilitation of the Main and ‘O’ Street Pumping Station

URS Corporation contracted with BSCI to provide Construction Phase Management and related engineering services for the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority for the rehabilitation of the Main and the ‘O’ Street Pumping Station and also the Replacement of Screens for the Main Pumping Station in Washington, D.C. The duration of the project is for one to three
years valued at $42 Million and it consists of:

  • the rehabilitation and upgrade of the existing 200 MGD Main Pumping Station to 240 MGD
  • the rehabilitation of the 45 MGD ‘O’ Street Storm Water Pumping Station
The contract for the Main Pumping Station included:

  • Rehabilitation of Sanitary Pumps, Nos. 1 – 4
  • Removal of existing low area sewer pumps, piping and appurtenances
  • Installation of new HVAC systems
  • Instrumentation and controls upgrades and improvements

  • Removal of two (2) underground storage tanks, appurtenant piping, and equipment
  • Rehabilitation/replacement of gates and valves,
  • Rehabilitation/replacement the tide gates
  • Facade cleaning and mortar repairs
  • Office space refurbishment
  • Provision of a temporary office complex

  • Replacement of the electrical distribution system
  • Construction of new locker and restroom facilities
  • Application of elastomeric roofing system
  • Construction of a redundant data center
Improvements for the ‘O’ Pumping Station included:
  • Replacement of the sanitary pumps, intermediate shafting and motors
  • Installation of an odor control system
  • New mechanical screens
  • New screening conveyance equipment
  • New HVAC system
  • Temporary office complex for use during construction
  • Replacement of electrical distribution systems
  • Miscellaneous instrumentation and controls upgrades
  • Replacement of building roof and parapet
  • Interior architectural rehabilitation of office space
  • Project Value: 42 million
  • Shuas Mengale,
    URS Corp 2020 K Street N.W. Washington , DC 20006 Map

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