The Cotswold Project

The Cotswold Project is one component of the Houston Downtown Management District’s Capital Projects & Planning Program, which concentrates on long-range planning and short-term improvement
projects. The project was undertaken to improve streets and sidewalks in the north end of downtown and provide expanded on-street parking. It is also initiating a Way Finding system downtown that will make getting around downtown understandable to users. The Way Finding system will include signs in the tunnels and as well as on the streets above.

The project involved:
  • upgrading the existing underground utilities (electrical cabling, sanitary and storm sewers)
  • upgrading the existing sanitary and storm sewers
  • overlaying the streets involved in the project
  • streetscaping and landscaping
  • installing street and sidewalk pavers

Brian Smith Construction Inspection, Inc. provided construction inspection during Phase 1a of the project. The inspector assigned to the project had the following duties:

  • overseeing construction activity
  • providing daily reports
  • overseeing contractor compliance with construction specifications
  • resolving on-site disputes
  • generating pay estimates
  • assigning testing labs for site testing of materials
  • attending weekly program meetings

The contract value for the overall Cotswold Project was $58 million. The project’s original contract value for Phase 1a was $2,947,831.22. It was completed on February 28, 2000.

  • Project Value: $58,000,000.00 Phase 1A Project Value: $2,947,831.22
  • Bob Eury
    909 Fannin, Suite 1650 Houston, Texas 77002
  • Email: bob@centralHouston. org

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