Replacement of the Anacostia Pumping Station Project

EA Engineering. contracted with BSCI Inc. for Construction of the new finished water pumping station capable of pumping into three different service areas and involving a total of twelve new pumping units. The project includes the complete construction of a new pumping station structure to include lower level area, pump room, operators’ room, electrical room, battery room and generator room. Site work to include excavation, dewatering, paving, landscaping, fencing and miscellaneous site improvements.

Construction to include a new electrical substation and new underground feeder duct banks to facilitate operation of the new pumping station. The substation will also include a diesel storage tank. A façade wall constructed around the entire west, north and east sides of the facility. The entire substation will be constructed on a concrete pad. The existing electrical
substation will be removed after the new pumping station has been operational for a period of 30 days.

  • Project Value: $3.5 Million
  • Tanweer Baig, P.E.
    301 Bryant Street Washington, DC 20001
    202/462-5117 202/306 7205

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