Regional Computerized Traffic Signal System (RCTSS)

RCTSS provides a state-of-the-art traffic signal/communications system capable of regional transportation management thus resulting in more efficient transit service through improved traffic flow along transit service routes. RCTSS will also interface with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) freeway management system at the Central Control Facility, in turn producing a truly regional integrated transportation management system. The project includes design, procurement, installation, construction, and testing of all equipment necessary to implement the RCTSS within the METRO service area.

Additionally, special transit vehicle priority controls will permit RCTSS to achieve preemptions and reliable bus operations by an automated means. A geographic information system will evaluate the vehicle’s position relative to its target schedule. RCTSS will evaluate the transit vehicle progress relative to congestion and performance measure criteria in the surrounding area and will then issue a priority override to the local traffic signal equipment to expedite the transit vehicle’s movement.

RCTSS will also provide a modern communications system. The communications link will enable immediate traffic management control at local intersections for non-recurring incidents and
facilitate an integrated RCTSS/METRO transit communications network to connect bus operating facilities, park & ride facilities, transit centers, and major jus stops via high speed optical network. METRO bus patron security and advance traveler information will be facilitated via this communication network.

The RCTSS communication network will also accommodate future integration of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects.

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