HOV Lane Automated Reversible Gate Operation (ARGO) & High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes Project

Brian Smith Construction Inspection, BSCI-Inc., was notified in 2010 by Houston’s Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) through work authorization to provide field inspection services for the HOV Automated Reversible Gate Operation Project.

METRO’s prime construction contractor, TransCore will design, furnish, install, operate, and maintain a high occupancy toll and automated reversible gate operation system for 83 miles of reversible high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. The total contract is valued at an estimated $81 million and is 80-percent federally funded. The first corridors will be operational by late 2011 and the entire system will be completed in two years. TransCore will provide operations and maintenance of the system for five years following the installation.

The High Occupancy Vehicle Improvement Program will convert five existing HOV corridors throughout the Houston metropolitan area, including I-45 North and South, U.S. 290, and U.S. 59 North
and South, to allow single-occupant vehicles access to the HOV

lanes for a toll and the program will improve safety by providing an automated reversible gate operation (ARGO) system to control entry into the reversible roadway system. The conversion is expected to increase utilization of the HOV system by up to 50 percent and decrease congestion in the general purpose freeway lanes. The HOV Improvement Program includes 156 lanes, a customer service center, and back-office systems, as well as an interface with the area’s multi-agency traffic management center, Houston TranStar. The system will be fully electronic and tolls will be calculated using variable pricing.

  • Assure compliance with contract requirements; permit prompt and appropriate corrective action.
  • Provide daily reporting of progress of construction to ensure compliance by bound inspector’s diary and electronic transmission.
  • Monitor compliance of TxDOT specifications.
  • Review and approve product submittals.
  • Provide suggestions for improvements to the plans and specifications to save time and expense during this design-build process.
  • Monitor site conditions and notify appropriate personnel of unstable conditions.
  • Project Value: $81,000,000
  • Larry Horst.Metro Project Manager
    1900 Main Houston, Texas 77002 713-739-6855

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