City of Houston Sims Bayou and Bellaire Braes Pump Stations Improvements Project

BSCI, Inc. was contracted by City Of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department to oversee the construction improvements to the Sims Bayou pump Station and Bellaire Braes Pump Station. Project construction value of 3.1 million dollars and the estimated completion of project is November 2008.

Scope of Work Included:
  • Construction of prefabricated modular concrete building for ammonia storage, including ammonium 7,000 gallon storage tank, 20 gallon per hour (GPH) ammonia vacuum feeder system, one 10 GPH ammonia vacuum feeder system for ground water and two booster pumps for ammonia injection.
  • Construction of an above-ground chemical feed piping run on the groundwater line near Tank 4. Re-route chlorine solution feed line from existing to new chemical feed piping run.
  • Construction and installation of a dry-type chlorine scrubber and controls and new interconnecting ductwork to the existing chlorine storage feed rooms.
  • Programming, configuration and integration to establish system communication configuration and communication between all fields.
  • Construction of 12-inch PVC drain pipe; 24-inch to 72-inch RCP pipes; 5’ x 9’, 6’ x 4’, 7’ x 5’, and 8’ x 5’ RCBC pipes including inlet, manholes and junction boxes; and roadside ditch construction and regarding of existing ditches.
  • Demolition of two existing ammonium sulfate chemical feed pump systems, day tank, and piping and controls for conversion to ejector-based system.
  • Installation of new above ground meter run and meter run by-pass line.
  • Installation of 48inch carbon steel yard piping to the surface water line.
  • Geotechnical investigation for soil conditions for the successful implementation of the work.
  • Project Value: $3.1 Million
  • Tom Fung,
    P.E.,City of Houston 611 Walker, 17th Floor Houston, Texas 77004

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