City of Houston Parking Meter Project

ACS State & Local Solutions, Inc. contracted BSCI, Inc. to install new solar panel parking meters for the City of Houston. The meters are replacing the old coin operated meters that
have been in force for many years. The project includes installation of 750 meters, thermoplastic striping and traffic control signs on each metered block. The project cost is
approximately $15.1 million dollars and two years to complete.

BSCI, Inc. is working with the City of Houston Parking Management, the Public Works Department, the Downtown District and ACS representatives for quality assurance. The BSCI
Project Manager attends weekly update meetings with the aforementioned representatives. All work completed is presented in verbal and written submittals on a weekly basis.

Scope of Services:
  • Removal of existing multi-space meters, steel posts, and existing signs
  • Delivery of removed items to designated City of Houston locations
  • Documentation of solar meter locations with assigned serial numbers
  • Documentation of amount and location of completed thermoplastic striping
  • Documentation of the number of new signs installed and their locations
  • Storage of newly shipped meters, thermoplastic materials, signs, and other associated materials
  • Project Value: $15.1 Million
  • Lilliana Rambo
    C.A. P.P. Citty of Houston 1001 Avenue De Los Americas Houston, Texas 77001
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