City of Houston Mesa Road Improvements Project

BSCI, Inc. teamed with ESPA Corp. to manage and inspect the Reconstruction of Mesa Street from Tidwell Road to Little York Road in Houston, Texas. The construction cost of this project is $10,446,736.15. Scheduled completion: March 2008

Scope of Services
  • Construction of 55 foot wide concrete pavement boulevard
  • Construction of asphalt transition pavements at the intersecting streets.
  • Construction of 6-inch and 8-inch thick lime-fly ash stabilized subgrade.
  • Construction of 7-inch and 10-inch concrete pavement and asphalt pavement and base.
  • Construction of 12-inch PVC drain pipe; 24-inch to 72-inch RCP pipes; 5’ x 9’, 6’ x 4’, 7’ x 5’, and 8’ x 5’ RCBC pipes including inlet, manholes and junction boxes; and roadside ditch construction and regarding of existing ditches.
  • Construction of 4-1/2-inch concrete sidewalk and wheelchair ramps; and 7-inch concrete driveways.
  • Construction of 4-inch to 24-inch thermoplastic pavement marking as well as the installation of traffic control and street signs.
  • Construction of 6-inch to 16-inch waterline; 8-inch to 16-inch sanitary sewer line; and related appurtenances.
  • Project Value: $10.4 Million
  • Jerry Sowels, ESPA Corp.
    7120 Grand Boulevard, Ste. 100 Houston, Texas 77054

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